Donations support stretcher system at Cazenovia Ambulance

From left, Bonnie Marshall, Ronald Rockweiler, Mary Shields, Amanda Stittleburg, Jody Schmitt, Jeffrey Even and Diane Fry pose with the new ambulance lift system. Not pictured: Candice Corey, Lisa Deitelhoff, Tonya Galston, Sandy Milewski, Darren Ramer, Ben Spencer, Rose Vallem and Tyler Tisdale. (Submitted photo)

Cazenovia Ambulance has purchased a new stretcher system thanks to community support.

The Stryker PowerLoad was added to a second ambulance. It features a powered cot and hoist that lifts the patient into the back of the vehicle with the touch of a button. Before, emergency responders had to lift patients into the ambulance, which increased the risk of back injuries. The older model was powered but not nearly as user friendly or ergonomic as the Stryker model.

Now, both Cazenovia ambulances are equipped with the technology.

Fundraising began in 2016, when the community gave $30,000 to install a PowerLoad in the first ambulance. Some money was also used from the Ambulance budget.

In December 2020, Cazenovia Ambulance was able to fund the second system entire from donations, meaning there was no extra cost to taxpayers. That total came out to $42,098.

With the lifts taken care of, the service now turns to updating its aging cardiac monitors.

The ambulance service provides 911 coverage, inter-facility transfers, public safety education and standbys for special events. Both ambulances are staffed by volunteers and provide coverage for all or part of six townships and two villages in Sauk and Richland counties.

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Lift donors included the Joan Woodman Foundation, Conrad and Patricia Fuhrman, Royal Bank, Glenda Faull, Hartje Farm & Power, Jill Bisco and John Murphy, Nick and Amanda Stittleburg, the Reedsburg Area United Fund, Vince Duren Memorial, Pat and Jean Stittleburg, Bunker Hill Cannon Run, Carol Wolf Estate, Cazenovia American Legion, William Fuller, Gerald "Skip" Connors Memorial, Richland County United Givers and the Caz Coffee Club. There were also numerous anonymous gifts, memorials and assorted contributions from countless others.